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By From Ruth
I love my aero is perfect for making the one cup of great, strong, hot coffee that I crave each morning. This is the first time I've ordered replacement filters, and am glad I remembered to get them before I ran out...
Submitted on Jan 27, 2015
By No grinds
These filters are great - no grinds in my coffee!
Submitted on Nov 14, 2014
This is a great coffee maker. Once we got this, we decided not to buy an espresso machine we just needed more filters for the AeroPress. Easy and effortless to use and the coffee is so tasty!!!
Submitted on Jan 14, 2014
By Susan
I have an Aeropress in my year round home. We recently bought a winter home and I had to have one here as well. I love it and am addicted to my morning coffee. Love it
Submitted on Dec 12, 2013
By great product
I love my coffee press and convenient filters.
Submitted on Jul 19, 2013
By Karen Bump
Everything said here is true. It really does make the BEST coffee ever. I follow instructions to the T my husband likes to let the coffee drain through by itself and then press the last bit I think that makes it taste burnt. The only thing I wish for is that the filters be unbleached at least they look bleach white to me.
Submitted on May 27, 2013
By Sharon A.
My favorite way to make coffee. I am on my second one and as somewhat of a "coffee snob," I love this.
Submitted on Apr 10, 2013
By BeckyH
This makes the best cup of coffee I've ever had!!! Quick, simple, easy to use and clean! I ordered 3 more for my family!
Submitted on Jan 24, 2013
By Becca
These filters are cut and fit perfectly in the coffeemaker... not one single bit of finely ground coffee grounds makes it into my cup!
Submitted on Dec 27, 2012
By Lauren
I love this press!
Submitted on Dec 26, 2012
By Susan K
So easy to use with that fantastic Aero Press! And, I reuse them several times.
Submitted on Nov 3, 2012
By I'm Getting One For The Office!
What a great cup of coffee! Easy to use and easy to clean. What more could you ask for
Submitted on Oct 11, 2012
By Sharon A.
I would give this more stars if I could. Amazing coffee. All my friends love getting a cup of espresso or coffee from me even if they have to wait an extra second or two. This is my second Aeropress, used the first one so much it scratched all up on the inside so I replaced it. I have shopped at Isabella for years and have never returned or been disappointed by a purchase. Definitely a company with high standards and great products. I can see myself shopping here for many more years to come.
Submitted on Oct 11, 2012

AeroPress Micro Filters

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