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4.8 Average Rating
By Sharon
Beautiful! Found the salt rocks easy to stack! Recommended to a friend and she bought it also!
Submitted on May 12, 2015
By ABQmama
I love this. It is warm and lovely. I have heard all that salt crystals supposedly do- and that would be a bonus! It gives off a nice amount of light which makes it a handy nightlight also.
Submitted on Apr 11, 2015
Totally charming. I have no way to tell if it is working but it has a comforting glow. The salt crystals are a bit hard to get arranged so that they don't fall off.
Submitted on Mar 28, 2015
By Rehtaeh84
we love these lamps. Read the reviews first and are very happy with them. Makes a lovely light to leave on at night too.
Submitted on Jan 26, 2015
By Bonnie
We put this in our bed room and it is amazing how much our nostril and sinus passages have cleared up!
Submitted on Nov 15, 2014
By Scott
This is a beautiful lamp. It looks exactly as is shown in the picture. I love that the rocks are loose and that I could design how I wanted them to sit in the salt bowl. Easy to assemble and stunning.
Submitted on Aug 24, 2014
By bgordos
I love it! I just ordered another one as a gift.
Submitted on Jun 16, 2014
By Fun
I have no idea if this works as an air cleaner with negative ions or not, but it is beautiful to look at and adds a warm glow to the room.
Submitted on Apr 26, 2014
By Peggie
I love the light this lamp emits. Unfortunately my husband will not allow me to leave on all day and night, fear of fire I think but I always have it on in the bedroom while I read in the evening and through the early morning hours.
Submitted on Apr 25, 2014
By Lynn
I don't know if it is doing anything to the air in my office, but I enjoy its appearance. The rocks were a bit hard to stack, but I am impressed with the size of it. It is a quality piece.
Submitted on Apr 21, 2014
By Joanne
I love this light. It is beautiful!
Submitted on Feb 16, 2014
By Patti K
I love this item. Not only does it brighten up my room, but it adds helpful negative ions to my room. It is beautiful and healthful!
Submitted on Jan 23, 2014
Gave as a gift. The design and look is great and the benefits of the salt lamp are healthy. Makes a wonderful night light as well!
Submitted on Jan 14, 2014
By uppityredhead
This one is a winner! Gave it as a Christmas gift to art collectors and they really, really love it. The color blends perfectly with their wall colors and the warm glow is so inviting. Thinking of purchasing one for myself.
Submitted on Jan 7, 2014
I purchased this for my son and daughter in law to use in their "Zen" room. They love it! It has a soft glow to add to the atmosphere of the room.
Submitted on Dec 8, 2013
By Angel
I love this bowl of light. It provides a soothing and constant ambiance.
Submitted on Nov 26, 2013
By Salt lamp
Enjoying this but every time I want to move this I have to rearrange the stones. Will be moving to a permanent area soon. Did not realize that the stones were all loose and when setting up you have to get them just right in the bowl.
Submitted on Sep 29, 2013
By Suzanne
I love this lamp bowl! It gives a warm glow that's very calming and gives a feeling of relaxation and peacefulness. It's more beautiful than the picture in the catalog. I purchased this for myself but it would make a nice gift for anyone.
Submitted on Sep 3, 2013
By Rowan
This is a lovely item that resides on a table in my living room. The electrical cord only has a small opening well, one of 3 in the base, so it's maybe a little more difficult to deal with the cord than had those grooves been deeper. In other words, the cord won't stay in place if the piece is raised even a bit, and as is the case with most cords with in-line switches I've purchased in the somewhat recent past, the switch is too far down on the cord from the bowl to be handy. If there's a cord, then the switch should be within 6" of the bowl for ease of actual use.
Submitted on Aug 29, 2013
By debraann
my amazing mom loves her Himalayan 'rock' salt lamp so much she surprised all her children with one! we all leave it glowing 24-7... these lamps provide a soft serene light that would enhance any room in a home. I chose this lamp for a dear friend's bridal shower and everyone else at the party wanted to know where i found it...this beautiful, unique lamp truly sells always, the Isabella catalogue is not only a great 'read,' but also an excellent source of inspirational gifts.
Submitted on Aug 4, 2013
By salt lamp
I just love my lamp! And while a friend was visiting, she admired it very much. I purchased one for her and she too loves her lamp! It is so comforting to have and use.
Submitted on Jul 31, 2013
By Kathy
I really am enjoying this lamp. I seem to be breathing better at night. I have allergies and I think the lamp is helping.
Submitted on Jul 30, 2013
By Kathleen
I love my salt lamp bowl! It arrived quickly and was very reasonably priced. Thanks Isabella.
Submitted on Jun 16, 2013
By Mesmerizing. . .
I got this for my personal office space, which has two windows. I leave it on all the time and everyone in the office has been drawn to it or mentioned it. It's lovely and I do feel more calm in there!
Submitted on May 26, 2013
By ladybuggold
I bought one of these lamps for myself and loved it. It becamea gift for daughters,sons and grandchildrens homes. The softglow is comforting and is really beautiful to see. We all love it.
Submitted on May 1, 2013
By jypsyj
I love this lamp. I recently read about the role of sea salts in the the clean up of electrical emissions. I have it on always.
Submitted on Apr 16, 2013
By Snake Lady
This is in addition to two other salt lamps I already own. I love the light it gives off and it makes an excellent nightlight in my living room.
Submitted on Mar 13, 2013
By Tari
I love this item, so much I bought my daughter one too. The quality is very good, nothing cheap about this!
Submitted on Feb 25, 2013
By glow lamp
I love this product!!! I wake up in the morning to a calm and soft glow coming from the living room where I placed the lamp.We have electronics in the living room so I spend a lot of time there. Just looking at my glow lamp soothes and calms me. I like the way it looks too! Fits in with my decor and is completely natural looking. 100 satisfied!
Submitted on Jan 18, 2013
By Christy
The lamp is exactly as advertised. We love it.
Submitted on Jan 14, 2013
By Beautiful lamp
Even though I can't tell if this does anything with the negative ions or not, it is a work of art. I keep it on all the time in my computer room just because it's beautiful.
Submitted on Jan 11, 2013
By Mainer
Makes a perfect gift. The recipient claims to be enjoying the powers of the lamp already. HIGHLY recommend.
Submitted on Jan 6, 2013
By neesie26
I purchased this salt bowl for a Christmas gift and just could not believe how beautiful it was. Of course I had to have one and purchased another. Very, very pretty.
Submitted on Dec 29, 2012
By 3rd time we bought these
A year or so ago I purchased one of these for my home office, where I spent up to 10 hours a day at computer and phone work. My kids noticed the refreshed atmosphere of the salt bowl and love the look of it. So I have now purchased one for each of their bedrooms. It is peaceful and soothing like a traditional nightlight, but a little brighter. It makes them feel better - not sure if it is working exactly the same way as in the office, but there is a noticeably better "vibe" in their rooms now.
Submitted on Dec 17, 2012
By Ree
Absolutely love this lamp. Keep it going all the time. Feel better
Submitted on Nov 23, 2012

Abundance Salt Lamp Bowl

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A comforting glow emanates from this salt crystal lamp creation. Perched on a wooden pedestal, the bowl is carved directly from a large salt crystal. The bowl is filled with individual Himalayan salt crystal rocks that emit negative ions using the heat and light from the included 15-watt bulb. With its beautiful presence, this bowl adds healthier air and a sense of calm to any room. It also would make a most welcome gift for that person who has everything.
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