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A Space for Silence

By Caro Ness, Photographs By Alen Macweeney
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On particularly harrowing days, I hunger for a few moments in a place of silence and something akin to sacredness. I crave space where I can go on the way home from work to decompress. That's what I did on 9/11, stopping by a Catholic church. The peace inside created a healing and calming atmosphere that I wish were open to me any time my harried body and soul need it. Read more...

The spaces for silence -- rooms, gardens, corners of rooms, etc. -- showcased in this book were created by people who have found inspiration and peace in the calm offered in these personal sanctuaries. The photos and text will move some of us to make our own quiet and beautiful places that feed our souls, while others will find tranquility and sweetness simply by paging through the book, stopping on a photo that is meditative, in and of itself. Thirty-eight different ''spaces'' -- from urban to rural, from home to school to workplace, from the US to the UK -- are highlighted here. Whether they're austere or colorful, indoors or outdoors, these countless settings provide serenity and inspiration. Each is accompanied by a descriptive text explaining its origins and how it expresses its owner's striving for balance and harmony.

Most of us may not have the resources to create an elaborate space where we can start our day or find calm in the middle of the day's storm, but opening this book to a photograph that soothes our soul may be all we need.
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