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41 Reviews

*BACKORDERED ITEM* Due to the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, this item will not be available to ship until the end of July. Please check back at that time.


You may have thought it impossible, but this instant coffee brew is fit for even the snobbiest coffee connoisseurs. The Sumatran Arabica coffee beans are shade-grown without pesticides and infused with organic ganoderma (an immune enhancer), African mango seed extract (an appetite suppressant) and pomegranate extract (a super antioxidant). This coffee is rich, smooth, and full-bodied. Because of its relatively low caffeine content, it won't leave you jittery. Perfect for travel or camping, each packet makes one delightful cup!
Item#: B29920
Size: 30 packets
Add 1 packet to 5-8 ounces of hot purified water and stir.
Sumatran Arabica Coffee, Organic Ganoderma Extract, African Mango Seed Extract, Pomegranate Extract.

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Ratings & Reviews

41 reviews

A sweet alternative to


A sweet alternative to a brewed cup of morning cheer. Perfect little individual packages and great taste!

After I got the


After I got the right proportion of water to coffee it didn't taste like instant, plus I liked knowing there were other good ingredients I was getting.

Best coffee ever.....got my


Best coffee ever.....got my family hooked on it as well -).

Best instant coffee you


Best instant coffee you will find.I drink too much coffee. I have been cutting back to 1 cup of this and maybe another cup during the day.Try it, you'll like it.

Delicious! I use these


Delicious! I use these sometimes for Caf-Naps (the best thing since hot showers! Drink one cup of any good coffee (but this Nuvia Cafe is one of my faves) and immediately lie down for a 20 minute nap (I set my birdsong alarm)...the caffeine comes on in about 20 minutes and the combination of the 20 minute rest and the caffeine is wonderful - I get up with great energy and focus!

Excellent substitute for grinding


Excellent substitute for grinding coffee beans, filtering and waiting for the coffee.Useful where time is short.

Fantastic substitute for freshly


Fantastic substitute for freshly brewed.Don't leave home for a trip without it!

Great taste, full bodied,


Great taste, full bodied, wouldn't know it's instant unless you're the one making it.

Hmmm, Im a coffee


Hmmm, I'm a coffee snob. LOVE coffee made with the Aero Press also available here. Although I feel better about using this because of the addition of Ganoderma mushrooms, I don't love it. It still tastes instant to me. That said, I've mixed it with a cup made through the Aero Press, and added a touch of soy milk, and thought YUM!

I absolutely love this


I absolutely love this coffee!Even though it is "instant," it has a very rich flavor and I love knowing that I am receiving additional antioxident benefits from drinking it versus regular coffee.

I enjoy the convenience


I enjoy the convenience of this product and was pleasantly surprised by the freshness of taste.The only difference between Nuvia and my usual brewing is that I add a little less water, but the same amount of creamer for a flavorful cup of coffee.

I have always disliked


I have always disliked the taste of instant coffee so was so surprised when I tried this. It tastes really good! I have to add cream to regular coffee, but not with this. There is no high acid or bitterness, just a very smooth delightful and comforting flavor. I even like having it after dinner. LOVE THIS and will definintely be ordering more.

I really love this


I really love this product!.The ease and convenience is awesome.The taste is superb!Go nuvia cafe!

i was skeptical bur


i was skeptical bur what a surprise.GOOD ... smooth and light. great for an afternoon treat.

It grows on you.


It grows on you. I didn't like it at first taste but now I do. I'll probably order more. . .

Like it. Ready to


Like it. Ready to reorder.

Love it. Good flavor


Love it. Good flavor and healthy too.

Love the product but


Love the product but was instructed to stop caffeine soon after I got it.Hope to be able to enjoy a cup before long.

Really really like this


Really really like this coffee. Keep stocking it because I will keep purchasing it!

Taste is excellent for


Taste is excellent for an instant coffee, no jitters, easy to travel with

Tastes good. Easy to


Tastes good. Easy to make.

This coffee is good


This coffee is good in a pinch, but I prefer the fresh ground when I can get it.I carry this for travel.The packets are easy to tote in a purse or pocket.

This coffee is okay.


This coffee is okay. For those who drink their coffee in 16oz mugs, note that you will need to use two packets otherwise your coffee will taste really watered down.

This coffee tastes very


This coffee tastes very good. It will not give you a "buzz", if that's what you're looking for. But if you want an instant coffee to take camping or to your non-coffee drinking friend's house, this is fits the bill. . .

This coffee is outstanding.I


This coffee is outstanding.I love that it has so many nutritional properties, plus tastes amazing, especially for being instant.Highly recommend!