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If insomnia keeps you up at night, these homeopathic sleep lozenges may be just the thing you need. On those nights when sleep evades you, take one before bedtime to relax into a natural sleep. For occasional use if you or your child experiences trouble sleeping due to travel, stress, illness, etc. If sleeplessness persists or you have chronic insomnia, please consult a physician.
Item#: B2441
Size: Set of 3 Boxes, 30 drops per box.
Made In: USA
Take 1 hour before bedtime or at bedtime to relax into a natural sleep. 

Active Ingredients (HPUS): Arsenicum alb 30X, chamomilla 6X, coffea cruda 12X, gelsemium 12C, ignatia 30X, lycopodium 30X, nat mur 30X, nux vom 30X, valeriana 12C. Equal volumes of each ingredient. Inactive Ingredients: Agar agar, gum tragacanth, oil of vanilla, organic evaporated cane juice, organic tapioca syrup.

4 calories per lozenge. 1 gram sugar per lozenge.

Gluten Free


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Ratings & Reviews

76 reviews

An excellent alternative to


An excellent alternative to prescription sleep meds.

Are you kidding me!!!


Are you kidding me!!! I have taken prescription meds every night for years so I can sleep.As everyone knows that can cause harm to your kidneys.I have tried many things in place of them but they never work.Since getting these Moon Drops, I have been falling asleep naturally and sleeping through the night and I don't wake up groggy.I am so glad I tried these.I have already ordered more and have told my friends about them, too.

Bought them for a


Bought them for a friend who due to many life stresses was not sleeping. The first night she used them, she said she slept 5 hours straight, woke up and fell right back to sleep. If I needed help to sleep, I would try them.

Consistently order these. They


Consistently order these. They really work and there is no groggy feeling when I wake up.Have tried other aides and these are the best.

Finally, a sleep aid


Finally, a sleep aid that doesn't make you groggy and cranky in the morning!

For me, these little


For me, these little tablets are the best I've ever tried for my inability to fall asleep, having tried all kinds of PM-type "remedies" for years.They're a sweet, gentle way to just let go and let it be morning! I've had some very colorful dreams since I've started using these guys, but for me that just adds to the positive experience.

Good product. I had


Good product. I had to let a couple of them melt, but I have major sleep problems. I would recommend trying these drops when you have run out of other options and do not want to try prescription drugs. A very nice alternative and natural to boot.

Good stuff - very


Good stuff - very subtle - no hungover feeling - am recommending them to everyone who complains to me about not being able to sleep and there are a lot of them.

Have used these for


Have used these for several years now and always keep them on hand at the bedside.They work for me and there is no hangover as you have from sleeping medications.

Helps me to fall


Helps me to fall asleep and stay asleep.No drowsy after effect in the morning.

I always keep these


I always keep these on hand. I have had problems for years not getting a good night's sleep and when I use one of these I sleep through the night.

I bought these for


I bought these for my sister who has insomnia and she loves them. They relax her and slow down her running mind.I have given the other boxes to friends who totally agree and love them.

I can not recommend


I can not recommend these enough!I have always had trouble falling asleep due to racing thoughts.These work wonders!I take one and begin to feel sleepy within 30 minutes.When I lay down, I fall asleep almost immediately, no racing thoughts at all!I never feel "drugged" and I sleep soundly through the night, and wake up refreshed and not drowsy or "hung over" as with other sleep remedies.These are fantastic & I have begun sharing them with friends and family.

I cannot express how


I cannot express how grateful I am to a friend of mine who introduced me to this wonderful product.I have always had trouble sleeping, and the more stressed I am, the worse it gets, but I refuse to take any prescription sleep medicines.I don't like the chemicals or the possibility of addiction.Well, one night, a friend of mine gave me a box and said to hang on to them in case I needed them.Well, the occasion arose after a particularly stressful and emotionally draining day.I reached in my bag, and found them where I had stashed them after my friend gave them to me.I figured it couldn't hurt and popped one in my mouth.In record time, I was out and awoke completely refreshed, energized, and feeling better than I ever had.I now recommend them to all of my friends who complain about not being able to sleep.As a matter of fact, I'll be putting an order in shortly for a package for myself and one for a friend!!

I have always had


I have always had trouble getting to sleep at night, but don't like the way Rx sleep aids make me feel the next day. Moon Drops are the perfect answer. They helped me to go to sleep naturally and to feel wide awake the next day. These are also wonderful for when I travel.

I have been able


I have been able to sleep "like a baby" and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. What a wonderful product and it tastes great too. Thanks so much.

I have been using


I have been using Moon Drops for years to help "calm me down" before bed. I really like the taste and they just plain work!

I have only had


I have only had 4 MoonDrops tablets.That was not enough to give you a favorable review.They helped me sleep better that one night I used them.

I have struggled for


I have struggled for years with the inability to fall asleep, especially after having a stressful day.My standard solution was to take one, not two or I would be sluggish the entire next day, of those night time pain relief capsules.They work fine enough, but I hated the fact that I was taking unnecessary medicine.Moon drops have saved me!They work within 1/2 hour to 45 minutes and they help me fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up ready for the day.I am so passionate about these things, I am telling everyone because I feel all should know about this amazing product.I am buying more to share.

I have turned so


I have turned so many people on to these babies!They work every time for me...

I have used these


I have used these on and offand to a point they do help. I drink Camomile tea or take a melatonin along with a drop and it does help me to sleep. They take a while to dissolve as they are hard tablets but not difficult todissolve swallow. You won't wake up groggy or feeling hung over like some sleep aids cause. I recommend them as part of a good night sleep regimen.

I keep ordering these


I keep ordering these because they work for me.If I wake up during the night and can't get back to sleep, I let one melt in my mouth and I fall back asleep.

I love Moon Drops.


I love Moon Drops. They work better than any other natural product I have tried.

I love moon drops.I


I love moon drops.I get a restful night's sleep naturally.

I occasionally suffer bouts


I occasionally suffer bouts of insomnia, but if I make a point to use these Moon Drops when that begins to happen I'm able to get right back into a proper sleep pattern.