Microderma Body Mitt

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The Microderma Mitt is made from 100% floss silk and contains no synthetic materials or dyes. Its effectiveness comes from how the silk floss is woven. When wet, the fibers swell and form a gentle, non-irritating surface that promotes maximum exfoliation. The result is a fresh, smooth, bump-free body. This mitt even helps treat keratosis pilaris (tiny bumps on the back of arms, thighs, and buttocks) and helps to reduce and prevent ingrown hair as well as razor bumps. To maintain the mitt, just rinse with warm water and air dry after each use. The fibers do wear over time, so it should be replaced every three to four months. Remember, this is not for facial use!
Item#: B18111
Size: 10.5" x 7"
Materials: 100% silk

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63 reviews

This mitt is a


This mitt is a wonder!I take good care of my skin and I always thought I was clean and exfoliated until I used the mitt.Just like you say in the catalog, the dead skin cells rolled off my arms and legs and they were left soft and supple.I would unhesitatingly recommend this product to anyone who wants clear, soft, beautiful skin!

This mitt was my


This mitt was my best investment in overall skin care.Easy to use, and my skin never felt smoother.

This mitt is great.


This mitt is great. My skin feels so soft after I use it. I was hoping it might reduce little bumps and it doesn't really do that but it does leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. I didn't really read the directions thoroughly before I used it daily for a couple of weeks. You are only supposed to use a few times a week. I got a little irritation when I was using it daily but I also got maximum softness during that time.

This mitt works wonders.


This mitt works wonders. I noticed a difference with my first use. The backs of my arms look & feel so much better. The mitt makes your skin feel so soft & silky. I highly recommend this product.

This product is amazing.It


This product is amazing.It does exactly what it says it will do.My skin is so smooth and those bumps are gone.I will recommend this to everyone.

Works Great


Works great!

Works very well !


Works very well ! Love it.

Wow.This product works immediately


Wow.This product works immediately and incredibly well.So simple and so effective! I give my skin a good rubdown with the mitt every week and follow up with moisturizing cream after I get out of the shower.The loop on the mitt makes it easy to hang it up to dry, and to reach my upper back I just slide it over a shower brush and hold on to the loop with one finger to keep it in place as I scrub.My husband noticed how soft and smooth my skin has become almost at once, and I've been astonished, very pleasantly so, by how he takes every opportunity to run his hand over my arm or leg these days! I've already ordered another one for three months from now and another for my best friend, who can't wait to try this out.Much less expensive than professional microdermabrasion and it couldn't be easier to take it along on trips!

It really works!

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Smooth skin all over is a breeze with this mitt. Using it on damp skin is all it takes. I bought another for my daughter since she has complained about bumpiness.


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My daughter informed me of her birthday wish list. Usually it's very long but this year it's short because due to an injury I've been on disability pay. The only thing on her list was the Microderm body mitt. She loves that thing and praises it's value in restoring her skin to softness and eliminating the tiny bumps that cover her arms and legs.


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Feels very good on the skin. I never use soap on my skin anyway, so it's nice to have something that exfoliates with no need for cleanser or soap. They do get smelling funky if you don't keep them thoroughly clean and dry. So I do wash the mitt with soap after I've scrubbed my skin, and be sure to hang out to dry.

the best mitt

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I love this! It gets the dead skin cell off and I feel better when I use it ☺

Feeling the difference !!

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