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Lobe Wonder Support Patches work to repair the appearance of torn, damaged and stretched earlobes instantly! When worn behind your ear, these invisible patches are the perfect remedy. Your earlobes will look natural again. Lobe Wonder patches are breathable, and the special medical adhesive won't irritate your skin. With Lobe Wonder, you'll be able to wear your chandelier earrings, hoops and favorite studs. The best part is you no longer need to worry about tearing and stretching! Lobe Wonder is hypo-allergenic Self Adhesive Protects your ears. Includes 90 Lobe Wonder Ear Lobe Support Patches
Item#: B40194
Size: 90 patches

Apply Lobe Wonder support patch to back of ear lobe, with sticky side facing in towards the ear, covering hole.

Press firmly to secure to ear.

Next insert earring post through ear hole and then pierce through the patch, then affix earring backing to post.

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The Chinaberry and Isabella catalogs

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The Chinaberry and Isabella catalogs feel like gifts received when they arrive and through 26 years the service has been excellent.

Love this product.

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Wearing jewelry brings me much joy but after many years of wearing earrings my pierced ear holes had ripped a bit. This product allows me to reinforce my love and wear any earring of my choice and have it sit properly on my ear.

Protect yourself!

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My friend's ear lobe actually split through from a lifetime of fabulous but heavy earrings, so I got some of these for both of us. She was thrilled and I'm sure wished she had known about them sooner - glad I do!

Review of Lobe Wonder

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I bought several boxes - I wanted to try them with a heavy pair of silver and turquoise earrings that I have. They worked beautifully and my ears did not feel sore after wearing the earrings all day. The other box was a gift for a girlfriend who recently had to have her earlobe stitched up due to heavy earrings ripping through her piercing over time. Once she heals and has her ears repierced she will be using the Lobe Wonder patches.

Able to Wear Earrings Again!

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My young daughter accidentally pulled on one of my earrings and tore my earlobe. This made hanging earrings look lopsided. With Lobe Wonder I am now able to wear any pair of earrings I want!