Wooden Necklaces

What is more beautiful than a piece of jewelry that is sustainably produced by hand, from materials found throughout nature? Our collection of wooden necklaces are just that. Each piece is totally one-of-a-kind, ... beaded with various gemstones and sandalwood, and finished off with a lovely, striking tassel. As Fair Trade products, these handmade wooden necklaces represent more than beauty, but responsible practices and economic equality. This jewelry can be a thoughtful gift for someone else or a trendy accessory that means something to you.

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Wooden Necklaces with Unique Properties

Using meditation and prayer beads, our assortment of wooden necklaces are meant to provide healing and balance to your days. Wear them in times of stress or illness for a reawakening of the spirit. Not only do the beads in our chunky wooden necklaces have serendipitous properties that could relax your mind and heal your anxieties, but the sandalwood attracts positive energy and exudes a subtle, soothing scent. Choose jewelry that rejuvenates your soul with these handcrafted wooden necklaces.