Nature Necklaces

Create a more holistic lifestyle with home decor and accessories inspired by the beautiful world around us. Our nature necklaces are a constant reminder of the beauty of the earth. ...

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Nature-Inspired Necklaces for the Free Spirit

Many of our nature necklaces feature life found outdoors. It is often difficult to take time to truly embrace the transcendence of nature. On busy days when you don't have a second to go outside or meditate, wear your nature-inspired necklace to reawaken your spirit and appreciate the calm, pure essence of your surrounding environment. Not only do our nature necklaces portray the simple pleasures with which our world provides us, but some of our pieces protect the land that protects us. Choose recycled necklaces made from bottles that would otherwise clutter the earth or beading made from gorgeous fabrics that would have gone to waste. Give back to your environment by wearing necklaces that reuse and expand the lifetime of materials found in nature or handmade of natural resources.