Unique Earrings

Intricate designs, handcrafted shapes, and recycled materials easily differentiate our unique earrings from those sold by other retailers. We carry wooden earrings, masterfully shaped like mandalas, leaves, ... and Celtic knots, as well as fair trade earrings made from saris and sterling silver. Each pair is beautiful in its own way, and its handcrafted nature means no two pairs are exactly the same.

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Cultivate a Sustainable Accessory Wardrobe with our Unique Earrings

At Isabella, we choose statement pieces that make a difference. We have a number of ethical earrings, some fair trade and others made of recycled material. Our fair trade earrings support talented jewelry makers in developing countries to help promote financially stable wages. Sustainably sourced, our wooden earrings encourage clean air practices and undisturbed ecosystems, while our other recycled earrings reuse resources that would otherwise pollute our environment. Reawaken your spirit with jewelry that makes you feel as good as it looks.