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At Isabella, we are constantly searching for the most unique jewelry and accessories in the market. From fair trade pieces, handmade in India, to religious jewelry with spiritual messages, we strive for ... a perfect balance between beauty and significance. Recycled glass, sustainably sourced wood, and tiny seed beads are what make our collection of bohemian jewelry so exceptional. Our unique accessories are composed of environmentally friendly materials such as jute and vegan leather for a style that is pleasing to the eye, comfortable, and favorable to our earth.

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Gold Infinity Bracelet
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Silver Infinity Bracelet
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Aromatherapy Necklace and Oil Gift Set
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Energy Wrap Bracelet
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Batik Headband
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Batik Scarf
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Boho Accessories that Appeal to your Sense of Style!

Your style is a little unconventional, eclectic, free-spirited. You prefer unique jewelry no one else has and stylish bohemian accessories that ignore the fashion fads of the moment. Express yourself and your beliefs through the accessories you wear. Our assortment of nature and religion-inspired pieces will allow you to reawaken the spirit and unveil your true temperament.