Natural Scented Candles

Lighting can completely transform any mood. The flicker of the flame from a natural scented candle combines with its soothing aroma to create a warmth that immediately relaxes the body and reawakens the ... spirit. Our collection of lighting, from salt lamps to soy candles, use products from the earth to invigorate the senses. The pure beeswax, soy, and essential oils that compose our eco candles are clean-burning and mild in fragrance.

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Handcrafted Candles are the Perfect Gift

Among our assortment of home lighting and natural scented candles, we carry hand-poured candles perfect for gifting. These handcrafted candles are as unique as your loved ones. Their natural fragrances will fill the room with a pleasing aroma that will keep its inhabitants calm and at ease. Made of soy, our hand-poured, eco-friendly candles are chemical-free, helping to sustain the environment and emitting a very delicate scent anyone will love.