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Whether you practice Buddhism or Hinduism or simply find pleasure in the various representations of the sitting Buddha, you can easily reawaken your spirit by decorating your home with the motif. Buy a ... Buddha statue online for spiritual or meditative purposes, for your home, or as a gift to a friend

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Buddha House Decor Diverse in Symbolic Meaning

Before you buy a Buddha statue online, you should take note of the meaning behind each pose. Meant to be placed in a central location of the house, the cross-legged Buddha with his hands together in "Dhyana," or deep thought, is the mediation Buddha, a symbol of serenity. The Buddha that provides protection and embodies strength has his right hand raised, palm facing forward, and his legs crossed. The positioning of his hands is called "Abhaya," or fearlessness. Holding his hands together in prayer or adoration, known as "Namaskara," the praying Buddha is supposed to be placed in an entryway or dining area. The "Laughing Buddha" is actually Hotei, a God and monk from the Zen Buddhist pantheon. While he is not the founder of Buddhism, he was certainly dedicated to his beliefs and now represents good fortune and prosperity. Now that you have a better understanding of the various meanings of the Buddha, you are ready for some Buddha statue online shopping.