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A new day has dawned for those who want a complimentary therapy for their respiratory problems. The revolutionary Himalayan Salt Inhaler® brings the benefits of salt mine therapy right into your home. Himalayan salt is thought by many to have antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial qualities. It's used to improve respiratory ailments worldwide. As you inhale the micron-sized salt particles, they penetrate the respiratory system for beneficial results. Get the benefits of nasal irrigation without the messy water! Ready to use, salt included. Effective for up to 5 years with daily use. Porcelain.
Item#: B12434
Size: 5" h, 3" diam.
Battery: No batteries or electricity required.
Use by only one person is recommended. Do not share. Do not use if chipped, cracked, or broken. If the salt becomes wet, discontinue use and replace the salt. Always store in a dry place. Wipe with a damp clean cloth after use, being careful not to let water enter the mouthpiece.

Although this is an extremely safe product containing only food grade Himalayan Pink Salt, please consult your physician or health care provider if you have any questions of concerns about your health situation.

Breathe deeply through the mouthpiece and exhale through the nose. DO NOT breathe into the inhaler mouthpiece.

When the cleansing process begins, you may experience coughing, sneezing, and phlegm mucus expectoration. You may also taste salt in your mouth and throat. The conditions will disappear with regular use. If you experience dry lips, apply lip balm prior to use.

Helps clear the lungs and nasal passages of impurities. The amount of salt is so small, it does not affect blood pressure or thyroid conditions.

We recommend first use be for a few minutes, then work your way up to 15-20 minutes daily.

Children under 8 should use under supervision.

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114 reviews

I love my inhaler


I love my inhaler so much I'm giving one to my ex-husband who has COPD.

I love my Salt


I love my Salt Inhaler.I use it most evenings for about 20 minutes just before I go to bed.I sleep better, and wake feeling less congested.Even without the salt, the 20 minutes of conscious breathing every night is great!

I love the Himalayan


I love the Himalayan Salt Inhaler.The only product I have seen that really helps to clean the lungs.I also love that it teaches one to breathe fully from the diaphragm.You do need to do it on a regular basis, daily for 5-15 minutes.Very relaxing.

I love this catalog


I love this catalog especially the Himalayan Salt inhaler & salt lamp. Please continue to send the catalog as I share this at work. Thank you.

I purchased the Salt


I purchased the Salt Inhaler for myself some months ago. I found it to be very easy to use and quite effective. I noticed an improvement in my lung capacity. For general health maintenance it seems to be an easy and inexpensive method. I purchased another inhaler as a gift for my daughter, who says she finds it helpful. Recently I purchased another inhaler for a friend who really likes it! He recently quit smoking and finds the inhaler helpful during those moments of 'need'. When he gets those cravings he just breaths the inhaler and feels much better. I would recommend the salt inhaler for anyone! It is a wonderfully simple and healthy item for the entire breathing system of our bodies.

I purchased this for


I purchased this for my father who suffers terribly from allergy type symptoms.He has been using this for two weeks.He tells me its too soon to tell if its working but he thinks it is.If I find that it does help him I would give this a 5 star rating.

I sent this to


I sent this to my daughter in Ohio.More information could be sent with the item. Since it does not need water, it is unusual.

I struggled with allergies


I struggled with allergies for years until the Himalayan Salt Inhaler came into my life!Thanks, Isabella

I used it. Its


I used it. It's ok. Made my tongue raw. Thought it would clear my throat a little, but it didn't but should i ever need it to help my lungs, I'll have it. Thanks

I was not sure


I was not sure what to expect from the salt inhaler, but I find that it is very effective. I live in a larger urban area with lots of air pollution. If I use the inhaler regularly, my lungs are clear, and I don't have morning hacking and snorting which were the symptoms that caused me to purchase it originally. After about four months of use, I think it is wonderful. It is also much easier to deal with while traveling than a water based nasal cleanser.

I was skeptical about


I was skeptical about using the inhaler, but to my surprise it really does work . I have bad allergies and I have asthma.This opens my airways and relieves the congestion. I would recommend this to my friends and family.

Ive been wanting to


I've been wanting to try this for awhile, used it 3 weeks or so now. I have mild COPD with occasional mild wheezing and am hoping this helps to neutralize it. I noticed a clarity to my nasal passages right away even though I wasn't stuffed up. I'm using it about 20 min daily so far. I expect to see more improvement over time given the general mildness of my symptoms. Note: The inhaler itself is ceramic and somewhat heavy to hold. The top broke off when it was knocked over still in the box but I was able to glue it back on and continue to use it.

Ive used the Himalayan


I've used the Himalayan Salt inhaler for years now, and I just bought the second one to keep in my 2nd home so I don't ever worry about not having it.I have adult onset asthma and allergies and this helps so much.

It is certainly less


It is certainly less messy than nasal irrigation.I felt the effects were gentle and gradual.

Love the inhaler.Really helps


Love the inhaler.Really helps with congestion.I am currently frequenting the Salt Spa near my home.

Love this and have


Love this and have ordered more to give as gifts.

Love this item!I have


Love this item!I have been to halo therapy places and this is a quick replacement if I can't get to a session. Great for at home

Love this item.Unlike the


Love this item.Unlike the neti pot, I experienced no pain but got real relief from some sinus symptoms.

LOVE your catalog. And


LOVE your catalog. And your prices are good too - the Himalayan Salt Inhaler is at least 5 dollars more everywhere else. Thank you.

My daughter received her


My daughter received her salt inhaler on Monday and is already thrilled - so I will order one for me.

My husband and I


My husband and I use this every evening. Not only do we breath better and have almost no sinus issues any longer, he no longer snores at night! Love our salt inhalers!

My husband has a


My husband has a sinus problem and this helps him so much.Happy husband, happy Mama!

My whole body relaxed


My whole body relaxed while using the salt inhaler and both my sinuses and asthma improved. I expect to keep using this for a long long time... great relief.

Not sure, but I


Not sure, but I believe it is helping. I have COPD and it seems to open nasal passages. I'm one that tries all the stuff that comes out that may help me breath better and I will keep up with this because it seems to help a little.

Salt is very healing,


Salt is very healing, I always had weak lungs until I found the salt inhaler. Its wonderful, I tell everyone about it,Thank you