Himalayan Salt Detoxer

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There are so many ways to utilize Himalayan salts for wellness. This detoxing salt dome is a revolutionary, natural way to help cleanse your entire body, boost your energy, and calm your mind. Some have even experienced relief of allergies and asthma symptoms after using this detoxer. Apart from the soothing warmth and calming orange light, the dome also benefits you by releasing negative ions that help cleanse the body. Based on the concept of reflexology, a science that connects certain zones of the feet to full-body wellness, the detox dome helps cleanse your entire body through your hands and feet. Place your feet on the dome while you work at a desk or after a long day. The gentle warmth causes your feet to sweat, which releases toxins and lets your feet absorb healthy minerals. Himalayan salts can contain up to 84 natural minerals vital to health, and those minerals are absorbed through the skin.
Item#: B42511
Size: 9" diameter; 5" tall.
Materials: Himalayan Salt Dome on solid Rosewood base. Plugs into a standard 2 prong electrical outlet. Cord includes dimmer switch.
Never wash your Himalayan salt lamp as its natural effect is one of self cleansing. With its antibiotic properties it does not need washing. If it gets dusty, just use a dry or slightly damp cloth to clean it.

We do recommend leaving your lamp on as much as possible however, when not using for long periods, do not leave your lamp in a humid room or outside of the home where it is exposed to the elements. Try not to keep your lamp on a window sill or in a bathroom (or anywhere with large amounts of moisture present).

How to Clean a Salt Lamp
1. To clean, switch lamp off and wipe with a slightly damp sponge.
2. Leave lamp on wherever possible as the heat from the light bulb will prevent the lamp absorbing moisture.
3. If lamp gets wet leave in strong sunlight for 4 to 5 hours and brush off any excess crystals.
4. When not in use for long periods, disconnect your power cable and remove from the lamp, and store the salt lamp and base in a plastic bag to help prevent the lamp absorbing moisture.
5. In humid conditions we recommend placing your lamp onto a small tray or dish in the rare case they may pool water.
The Himalayan Salt Detoxer is used for foot detoxification, localized skin care treatments, manicures, and pedicures, among many uses.

For instance, some people use it:
1. For manicures or pedicures. Rest one hand or foot on the Himalayan Salt Detoxer while attending to the other hand or foot.
2. To calm and ground yourself after a busy day.
3. To re-invigorate tired feet and legs after work or exercise.
4. To reduce emotional stress ... anytime.
5. To lessen the pain of carpal tunnel or arthritic conditions.

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