Spa Kits

Looking for a gift basket for someone special? Choose a spa kit with a comforting assortment of natural soaps, soothing lotions, bath salts, candles, and more. Offer a spa gift set to your mother, a colleague, ... a mentor, your yoga instructor, or anyone you believe works hard and deserves a moment of calm, uninterrupted relaxation. Your present will be greatly appreciated time and time again.

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Spa Gifts that Say "Thank You"

Our collection of spa gifts include trio soap sets, herbal salves, and nail care in addition to the typical spa kit complete with several essential products to help anyone unwind. Oftentimes, thank you gifts can feel impersonal. While accurately portraying your gratitude to someone you might not necessarily know very well, finding gifts the recipient will use on a regular basis can be difficult. However, everyone could use a spa set, especially someone who frequently aids others' needs (a teacher, a manager, a therapist – the list goes on). With unique packaging, handcrafted details, and organic formulas, our selection of spa gift kits show you really care. Our fragrances are light and never over-powering, perfect for those with sensitive noses. Send the right message with spa kits that alleviate pains, relax the mind, and reawaken the spirit.