Organic Deodorant

Finally—the chemical-free, vegan-friendly, organic deodorant you have been searching for is available. Most antiperspirants tend to clog pores and can cause irritation. With all all-natural deodorant, ... you can smell fresh and feel confident throughout the day without potentially harmful ingredients. Our products are made of formulas that help to prevent body odor and perspiration your entire 24 hour day. Not only do they improve your scent and sweat levels, but they are gentle enough to be used on freshly shaven or waxed skin.

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Natural Deodorant for Women

Our organic antiperspirants are designed specifically with women's body types and physical needs in mind. With a quick drying formula, you do not have to worry about embarrassing deodorant stains on your clothes. Elements like aloe vera, comfrey, and essential oils in our natural antiperspirants provide maximum comfort no matter what you're wearing. Citrus and vanilla scents are available for your individual preference. Ask us any questions about our organic deodorants, and we are happy to share helpful insights or information about its effective use.