Nail Tools

What's better than having a relaxing, DIY spa day? With our expert nail tools and various all-natural lotions, you can easily create your own salon, in the comfort of your own home, alone with your thoughts ... and completely stress-free. Unwind with various manicure tools, from foot and finger massagers to nail care kits and polishes. While meditating in this state of serenity, you can protect your nails and the skin around them. Caring for your nails and skin will help you look and feel beautiful, whether you are in old sweatpants and a t-shirt or dressed for a night out.

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Nail Care Tools for Hosting a Spa Event

Host a Ladies Night complete with wine, cheese, and the perfect at-home nail salon treatments. With our eclectic, all-natural collection of nail products, you can find exfoliating cubes, scrubs, and lotions of a variety of scents and nail polish colors for every one of your friends. Your gals will appreciate an event that is completely carefree. No cooking necessary. No kids or grandkids involved. Just relaxation at its finest with nail tools that will make everyone appear as if she just returned from the salon.