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At Isabella, we always try our best to find time during our hectic schedules to support our emotional health with relaxation and, sometimes, an at-home spa day. We have chosen our favorite hand and foot ... care products for you to do the same. So often we get caught up in balancing work, family, friends, and exercise that we forget to prioritize our own mental well-being. Our salt lamp and topical cream are infused with all-natural products that promote healing, while our foot care kit, lotions, and assorted nail polishes provide you with the tools you need to look and feel your best.

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Pretty Manicure Kit
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$12.00 to $14.95
Non-toxic Nail Polish
$5.00 $12.95

Currently out of stock. Please see Pure Eco-Friendly Nail Polish (Item # B43660).

Hand and Foot Care Products are a Universal Luxury

Struggling for a thoughtful idea to give a friend or family member during the holidays? Try a foot care gift set! Everyone can use a spa treatment. Our products are easy to use and encourage a peaceful atmosphere we all crave in this constantly transitioning society.