Hair Conditioner

There are so many myths surrounding hair conditioner. Despite what people might tell you, conditioner is crucial for all hair types. This hair product is designed to keep your hair texture smooth and appearance ... lustrous. Our natural hair conditioner is made of organic ingredients like avocado and soybean oils, almonds, and cranberries to gently improve your hair's structure, strengthening and thickening the strands without stripping natural oils.

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Organic Conditioner that Busts Every Myth

Choose a natural conditioner that will debunk all of your preconceived notions regarding conditioning best practices. Below are some of the top hair conditioner myths we hear on a regular basis and our explanation of why they are misleading. Hair becomes accustomed to conditioner and will stop working after repeated use. –Our organic hair conditioners nourish and hydrate strands no matter how often you use them. –Hair conditioner should not be used for thin hair. –This is a common misconception and reason why many women choose not to use conditioner. Every hair type requires conditioner for smooth, healthy strands. With all-natural formulas like ours, your hair receives paraben-free and chemical-free care that will instantly revitalize your damaged hair. –Your hair will become oily or heavy with overuse of hair conditioner. –Our organic hair conditioners will do their job and maintain your shiny luster and smooth texture if you cover your hair with just a small amount rather than completely lathering it on like you would with shampoo. –You should condition your hair the same way you wash with shampoo. –Actually, you should start the conditioning process at the middle of your hair and work your way to the ends. Your scalp contains the newest hair, so it does not requi(more...)