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Handcrafted Felted Fish Cat Toy - Set of 3 - Assorted Colors

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This item is out of stock, but B43911 Handcrafted Felted Fish Cat Toys is available.


Cats just can't resist these 100% wool pet toys. Handcrafted with Himalayan sheep's wool, these little fish are loaded with lanolin oil, which attracts pets with a scent that reminds them of their mother. These toys are made with love by women in Nepal using non-toxic dyes and sustainable practices. Your purchase supports these artisans, their families and their communities. Includes 3 fish toys, colors may vary.
Item#: B42448
Size: Includes 3 fish cat toys
Materials: 100% wool
Care: The lanolin in the wool is anti-microbial and odor resistant which keeps your pet's toy naturally clean. If necessary spot clean with a sponge.

Advice for use: This toy is for pets only. It is 100% natural wool, but you should monitor your pet's behavior with the toy. If they are tearing apart the toy or ingesting the wool, it is not an appropriate toy for your pet.
All dyes are non-toxic, low impact/AZO-free.

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The cat items were for

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The cat items were for my daughter's cats. She has four hairless cats. One of them immediately went into the warm cat bed and staked her claim to it for several hours. Her cats love it. They, also, are playing with the toys.

Wholesome feline fun


My cat LOVES these fish! He throws them up in the air and pounces on them. He also likes to pretend they are hiding from him under a chair or the coffee table and attack them. They seem to be sturdy and well-made, not easy to destroy.

So great!


Oh my gosh I can’t say enough good things about these! My mom got some for my two boys a few years back, and every Christmas I ask her to get more. They go INSANE for these fish! I am going to order bulk of these and maybe some other shapes as soon as the current ones are destroyed. The best part is that they’re natural. I love that!


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Cute toys!

14yr old cat behaves like kitten with felt fish!

by -

My cat Max has pounced ,raced around like a kitten. He is 14 and joyfully plays and tosses felt fish in the air & catches it only to casually walk away and then to look back at his prey and start the game all over again. I recently inherited him from my sister who passed recently and I have never seen him so physically engaged and playful!