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Frownies Corners of Eyes and Mouth

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Reduce your crow's feet and frown lines with Frownies adhesive patches. They train your facial muscles to relax while you sleep, meaning over time, you'll wake up with smoother, younger looking skin! Wear them for at least 3 hours, preferably overnight. Think of these patches as Botox without the toxins and expense! These work great for men, too! Instructions included. Try with our new Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray !
Item#: B16418
Size: 144 patches
Made In: USA
Made in USA

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Ratings & Reviews

11 reviews

I dont have deep


I don't have deep lines, but they are starting to become noticeable.Since I started using these I have seen real improvement.I have been using these for about 3 weeks. Will definitely keep purchasing as they seem to work better than skin creams.

I find that I


I find that I can use the strips twice and it definitely diminishes the puffiness in my under eyes.I will definitely order these again.

I have a hard


I have a hard time getting them to stick so I don't know if they work or not.

I really like them


I really like them - but I could not find rose water to use with them.That could be the reason they did not come off easy.Not sure.I know that Rachel Welsh uses these and she looks great.I'll keep looking for the rose water.

I think this product


I think this product is tried and true, however, I haven't used it long enough to say I have gotten many benefits.I like the fact that it is natural.Will have more solid information in a month or so.

Ive been using Frownies


I've been using Frownies for over a year.The line between my eyes is definitely diminished as long as I use them regularly.

Love this! Ive been


Love this! I've been using them on my chin and upper lip, and both areas are becoming less unsightly every day. Thanks!

They really work with


They really work with regular use!!!!

Works for a bit


Works for a bit of time.

Love them

by -

I always appreciate your fast delivery to me. Love your testing your products. Great company to buy from. I did this review with my left hand because I have a cast on my right hand over my elbow that's how much I like Isabella. Colleen

LOVE them!

by -

As long as you make them big enough to cover the area when you remove them in morning - presto, wrinkle gone!