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Made with Himalayan wool and loaded with natural lanolin oil, this handcrafted cat bed will be irresistible to your furry friend. The scent of lanolin oil attracts cats, so they'll be cuddled up for hours. These beds are made with love by women in Nepal using sustainable practices and non-toxic dyes. Your purchase supports these Nepali artisans, their families and their communities. Due to the natural fiber, color may vary slightly.
Item#: B42447
Size: 22"L x 19"W x 8"T (approximate size)
Materials: 100% wool
Care: The lanolin in the wool is anti-microbial and odor resistant which keeps your wool bed naturally clean. It can be spot cleaned with a sponge or vacuumed. If it becomes very soiled, turn it inside out, and wash it on the delicate cycle of a washing machine. Do not put in the dryer. Turn it right side out and while wet, stuff it with newspapers and let dry.

Advice for use: This bed is for pets only. It is 100% natural wool, but you should monitor your pet's behavior with the bed. If they are tearing apart the bed or ingesting the wool, it is not an appropriate bed for your pet.

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Cat Cave is a hit!

by -

One of my 2 cats loves to curl up in the cat cave. I was a little worried at first but catnip spray did the trick.

A Cozy Sanctuary for Our Skittish Cat


We bought the great one for our skittish grey cat, and she loves it. She cuddles up inside and seems to feel safe inside (plus, she matches the color exactly). I suspected that our other cat, who is more outdoors and social, would not be interested, and that turned out to be true.

Invisibility cave


It took my cat about two weeks to finally get into her cave. I should have known, it took her about that long to start using her cat tree after I set it up. It ‘sort of’ surprises me because she doesn’t hesitate to explore bags or boxes.
<br>Anyway, she is using it now and looks really good in it; she is an all black cat. When she hunkers down, she is almost invisible!