Environmentally-Friendly Products

Our mission at Isabella is to help you reawaken your spirit. In order to achieve this mission, one of our top priorities is providing you with environmentally-friendly products that will promote a more ... sustainable lifestyle. Not only does an eco-conscious way of life support the world around you, but this type of habitual behavior provides a multitude of benefits to your body and your overall well-being.

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How Do Environmentally-Friendly Products Improve Your Day-to-Day Life?

Sustainable home products are more than just a method of saving the planet. They can actively improve your daily routine and your health. Our beechwood sauce spoon, for example, is composed of wood instead of plastic. Plastic products often include chemicals that could be detrimental to your health, resulting in reproductive, cardiovascular, and autoimmune illnesses. Using wooden, bamboo, and paper kitchen items can help prevent any BPA-causing issues. Our assortment of environmentally-friendly products also includes several food preserving utensils. Instead of wasting endless rolls of plastic wrap, save your leftovers with reusable sandwich wraps and produce caps. In the long run, eco-conscious materials become more financially efficient, as they are often more durable and can be reused over time. Choose sustainable home products for a healthy, environmentally, and financially sound living space.