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Chartres Labyrinth Dish

32 Reviews
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Using a finger labyrinth is a form of meditation. As your fingers trace along the grooves, your mind empties with greater ease. This pewter Labyrinth Dish is hand-finished, oxidized, and polished with great care. Small and intricately detailed, it invites you to find a few moments to center and ground yourself. These words are engraved on the back of the dish: "be still and know that I am God ... be still and know that I am....be still and know that I...be still and know that ... be still and know ... be still and... be still ... be..."
Item#: B15234
Size: 3.78" diam
Made In: USA
Materials: Pewter
Made in USA

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Ratings & Reviews

32 reviews

This is a small,


This is a small, well crafted dish. Just what I was looking for to to give friends into meditation.

This is beautiful, warm,


This is beautiful, warm, and inviting to the hand to hold, to contemplate--the reverse side is lovely too--I won't say what it is so it can be a pleasant surprise to the next purchaser.I love this.

This is so beautiful


This is so beautiful that when I first took it out of the box, it brought tears, which is not at all usual for me.I was concerned that the tracks would be too small to be usable, but they are just right.It feels really good in the hands. And warm, too. How is that even possible for metal. Simply perfect.

This labyrinth was a


This labyrinth was a gift for a dear friend and she loved it as much as I did.A wonderful item.

A Talisman to Serenity

by -

From such a simple object that you hold in the palm of your hand a great deal of calm and contemplation is truly at your finger tip. Sometimes, you don't even need to hold it for just beholding it takes you on a journey.

This was a birthday gift

by -

This was a birthday gift for my sister she loved it she told me she will carry it with her everywhere it really touched her heart

Very peaceful!

by -

I love my labyrinth dish. It’s just the right size for my palm and the saying on the back is very calming and grounding.