CapaBunga Set of 2

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Once you've popped the cork and poured a glass of wine, get out your CapaBunga®! This silicone cap serves as a reusable wine-stopper. You'll wonder how you ever lived without one. Feel free to place the bottle on its side in the fridge; you won't lose a drop. The caps fit tightly over the top of the bottles but are easy to remove if you find you need another glass.
Item#: B30102
Size: Set of 2 caps

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171 reviews

A must have!

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A product necessary for every wine lover!

A great way to


A great way to seal your vino and lay the bottle down -- no need to worry about leakage because it won't happen.

A product that works


A product that works exactly as advertised. I capped a bottle of red wine, put it in the wine rack with the neck tilted down and not a drop spilled. I will be purchasing more to give to friends and family.

Absolutely love the product!


Absolutely love the product! Easy to use easy to clean. Very durable product. They fit perfectly on the bottles to ensure freshness!

Absolutely wont leak---in your


Absolutely won't leak---in your fridge on its side or in your beach bag. Quickly snaps over the bottle and sooooo easy to carry and keep clean.

Always like new ways


Always like new ways to handle partially filled bottles of wine. I bout several as neighbor gifts.

Amazing!!! Work as promised


Amazing!!! Work as promised -- love them!

Awesome! So much easier


Awesome! So much easier than recorking and wine stays fresher!

Best find of the


Best find of the year.Giving these to every single friend.They work awesome and solve that blasted problem of forcing the cork back in.Love it!

Bought a set for


Bought a set for myself, and three sets for gifts.They are great, and they really don't leak, when bottle is laid on its side.

different than what I


different than what I expected, but they sure do the trick.

Discovered these wine toppers


Discovered these wine toppers in your catalog & bought one. Loved them so much I purchased a few more for family & friends. Just add a bottle or two of their favorite wine. Makes a great gift

Easy to use. No


Easy to use. No way to draw air out of the bottle like a pump closure would, but it seals the opening well and it's easy to put on.

Excellent product. Easy to


Excellent product. Easy to put on, easy to pull off! Great for those with limited hand control.

Excellent. Just as I


Excellent. Just as I had expected.

Finally a bottle closer


Finally a bottle closer that will not leak!And it doesn't extend the height of the bottle as a cork does, thus allowing the bottle to stand in the fridge if necessary.Anyone who has seen these wants them.I'm giving them for Christmas to all my wine-lover friends.

Finally a way to


Finally a way to keep leftover wine safely.Another great product.Thanks.

found these in your


found these in your catalog.everyone that sees them wants them.excellent product.

Good only if all


Good only if all of the sealing stuff is completely removed, otherwise it may leak.

Good service. The bottle


Good service. The bottle seals work well.

Great idea - easy


Great idea - easy to use and no leakage even when you lay them in the fridge.Just as advertised!

Great item. Worked exactly


Great item. Worked exactly as described. No more spilled wine.

Great product!Cheap and does


Great product!Cheap and does exactly what you expect.No leaks so far!

Great product.Arrived before anticipated


Great product.Arrived before anticipated date!

I am a single


I am a single lady that likes to have on occasional glass of wine with my dinner. So occasional, however, it might be a month before I finish a bottle.Once I have poured my glass of wine, recorking the bottle can be almost impossible, and then I found the Capabunga. I love these. They are easy to put on and take off and the best thing about them is they don't leak if you have to put the bottle on it's side in the refrigerator.They would make great housewarming gifts. Thanks for another great product.