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Music is a means of escaping reality, releasing stress, and reawakening your spirit. While some music is better suited for the bar downtown or working out at the gym, our assortment of meditation music ... CDs are ideal for your daily yoga session, pre-bedtime ritual, dinner parties, and long car rides. Enter a spiritual journey and relax your soul with our assortment of Irish CDs, holiday carols, and classic melodies.

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Strengthen your Faith with Meditation Music CDs

Not only do we have Irish music CDs that commemorate the soothing sound of traditional Celtic harmonization, but we have Catholic CDs for year-round spiritual growth. No matter your religion or the time of year, these melodies are sure to calm your nerves, reduce your stress, and add serenity to your days. For those who are of the Catholic or Christian faith, immerse yourself in the tranquil notes of these religious meditation music CDs as means of reinforcing your beliefs.