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Shake N' Peel Egg Stripper

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Frustrated peeling hard-boiled eggs? Peel up to 5 eggs at once in seconds! Simply cook the eggs, chill and then Shake & Peel! The egg stripper is made with BPA-free plastic and a elliptical design with over 100 nodules to loosen the egg shell. Once your done you can store up to 10 peeled eggs in the fridge. The perfect kitchen gadget for deviled eggs, egg salad, cob salad or just a snack! 
Item#: B43190
Size: 4.75"W x 7.5" H
Materials: Plastic
Dishwasher safe.
Fill Egg Stripper with cold water up to fill line
Add 1 to 5 fully hard boiled cooked and chilled eggs. Close lid clockwise. 
Hold Egg Stripper with both hands in upright position and shake for 5-6 seconds. Do not shake too hard to avoid breaking the eggs. 
Eggs must remain in water during the process. 
Fresh eggs or brown/organic eggs may extra time. 
Turn lid counter-clockwise to open container. 
If the shell is still attached on the egg, pinch the top of the egg and massage the shell o slide off. 

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I never expected it would work but thought it was worth a try. I still can't believe how well it works and have purchased 4 more to give as gifts.