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Cure your over-active mind with this natural sleep syrup. It happens to all of us. We're looking forward to a good night's sleep, but the moment we lie down our minds run wild. This syrup is the solution! With organic Schisandra berry and locally sourced honey, it quiets your mind, calms your nerves and delights your taste buds! Take 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon before bed and savor the syrup by licking it slowly off the spoon.
Item#: B42684
Size: 4 fl oz
Materials: Glass bottle
Suggested Dosage: Shake Well before using. Take 0.25-0.5 tsp when needed or before sleep. Licking slowly off the spoon is very desirable. Traditionally Schisandra berry is known for its calming effect on the nerves and its role as an immune tonic.
ORGANIC Schisandra berry, local Wisconsin Honey, Filtered Water & Alcohol.

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