One Line a Day Journal

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We think you’re in for a nice surprise. You don’t have to be Dickens or Dickenson to pen a meaningful life story. Place this keepsake journal on your nightstand and begin or end each day with a moment or two of reflection. Then, jot down one line each day. As time goes by, you’ll discover the passages and milestones that make your story unique and unfold like no other. A thoughtful gift for someone you love or anyone who is starting a new chapter. 
Item#: B44341
Size: 6" tall
Illustrator: Kindah Khalidy
Number of Pages: 372
Just jot down a short note, highlight, or thought for each day. It's a great way to:
- Track progress.
- Begin or end each day with a moment of reflection.
- Capture a five-year slice of life.

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