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Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit

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The planet Mercury influences communication and transportation. When its orbit around the Sun is closest to Earth, Mercury appears to move in reverse, also known as retrograde. Care for your body and spirit during this confusing period, which happens four times a year. Instructions are included, so you can take advantage of these protections no matter your level of experience!
Item#: B43957

- White Sage for a deep energetic cleanse
- Cedar for harmony and communication building
- Clear Apophyllite for awareness and inner vision
- 2 Black Intention Candles for protection
- 1 Pink Intention Candle for love + comfort
- Starlight Candle Holder
- Abalone Shell for ceremony use and to hold smudge
- Mercury Retrograde + Lunar Calendar
- Smudge Prayer
- Instructions for Smudging and lighting intention candles Mercury Retrograde

Made in USA

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