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This deck is much more than a collection of 53 beautiful hand-illustrated cards. It's a way to connect with your intuition and look inward. Each card features a prompt. Hold, handle, and shuffle the deck while concentrating on the questions you need answers to. Then just trust your intuition, pull a card from the deck, and reflect on how it applies to your situation.

When we moved our offices home for a time because of the new coronavirus, this deck was one of the few extra items I took from my desk. In the morning, I like flipping through and choosing one to have on the top of the deck for inspiration throughout the day.
Item#: B43670
Size: 2.75 x 4.75 x 1 depth" (tarot card size)
+ With your intuition: take a deep breath and pull a card. Trust that you will pull out the one you need to see. What might this message mean to you in this moment? Pause and reflect.

+ Explore: flip through the deck and find a card with a message that speaks to you at the moment. Put it up in your space to remind you.

+ You are unique: use this deck however you like.

There is a 54th card - a black instruction / suggested use card outlining the details written in the above description.

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