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Himalayan Salt Zen Roller

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Handmade in California using genuine Himalayan salt, this patent-pending Zen Roller is a must-have tool for your everyday self-care routine. From inflammation and muscle aches to various skin issues like eczema and acne, the 80+ trace minerals found in the Himalayan salt have been known to aid in the relief of such conditions. Perfectly sized for your face or to target small aches on the body, this zen roller can be used anywhere or any time of the day, hot or cold, to provide you with the relaxation and healing you deserve.  Gift boxed with instructions included.  
Ancient alchemists referred to Himalayan pink salt as white gold because of its many health benefits and purity. It is naturally antibacterial and rich with trace minerals that help protect skin from external damage, draw out toxins, soothe inflammations, rejuvenate skin tone, and relieve tired, sore muscles. 
(Precaution: Himalayan salt contains iodine. We recommend doing a little patch test on the wrist before using for those who may have an iodine allergy.) 
Item#: B44264
Size: 6" long
Materials: Himalayan salt
- Use cold (roller can be chilled in the refrigerator) roller on the face and under eyes for 2-3 minutes. 
- Rinse face and dry. 
- Wait 2-5 minutes and then continue with your usual face routine.
- Always roll away from the center of your face in a gentle upward direction. Under the neck and jawline in an upward direction, place roller by your collarbone and gently roll up.

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