Healing Crystals

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Is there somewhere in your home that could do with a boost of positive energy? These carefully selected crystals could be just the thing to provide your space with an infusion of healing and clarity. Choose from a rose quartz heart that carries a soft energy of compassion and unconditional love anywhere in your home, an amethyst point that carries tranquility that might bring peace to your nighttime routine in your bedroom or a crystal quartz point that can attract positivity and good health for your kitchen!
Item#: B43745
Size: Amethyst, Clear Quartz: Approx. 3" tall, Rose Quartz: 3" across
Materials: Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz
Amethyst: Purifies the mind; aids in the clearing of negativity by instilling calm & clear thoughts.
Sentiment on Amethyst Packaging: Tranquility for your bedroom

Clear Quartz:
Regulates energy; aids in concentration while cleansing and revitalizing your body, bringing it into balance.
Sentiment on Clear Quartz Packaging: Good Health for your kitchen

Rose Quartz: Carries a soft energy of compassion, peace & Healing; useful for attracting not only romantic love, but unconditional self-love into your life.
Sentiment on Rose Quartz Packaging: Unconditional Love for everywhere

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