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Essential Crystal Starter Gift Set

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Interested in stones and crystals, but not sure where to start? This neat little box is a great introduction with stones sourced from regions across the globe for their unique beauty and inspirational properties. The collection of stones can hold our memories, center our minds, boost our moods, and even help to revel our true selves. Includes 7 crystals and 1 drawstring bag.
Item#: B43417
Size: Size and shape of crystals will vary slightly making each collection truly unique.
Materials: clear quartz, amethyst, kyanite, fluorite, blue calcite, citrine, and rose quartz
Clear Quartz: The master healer and energy transmitter.

Amethyst: Promotes transformation, healing and cleansing.

Kyanite: Aides in communication and brings tranquility.

Fluorite: Increases concentration and encourages positivity.

Blue Calcite: Clears old energy patterns and increases personal motivation.

Citrine: The sunshine crystal. Promotes energy and encourages self-expression.

Rose Quartz: Promotes love, self-love and friendship.

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