Aura Mist

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Aromatherapy works by directly triggering our limbic systems through the delicate tissue in our noses; these systems are responsible for our emotions and our reactions to them. Choose one of these sprays to deliver the boost you need in your day, clearing, calming or balancing your mood and the atmosphere around you.
Item#: B42970
Size: 4 oz
Use Aura Mist as an instant aromatherapy treatment by spraying in a circular motion above the crown of your head. As the mist falls down all around you, breathe deeply and feel the purifying power of the essential oils as any anger, negativity or stagnation dissolves away. Take a moment for reflection and embrace your new lightness of being.
Purification & Protection:Distilled Water, Pure Essential Oil Blend of Sandalwood, Frankincense, Lemon and Other Pure Essential Oils.

Heart & Spirit Aura Mist: Distilled Water, Pure Essential Oil Blend of Cedarwood, Neroli, Geranium and Other Pure Essential Oils.

Stream of Success:Distilled Water, Pure Essential Oil Blend of Cedarwood, Red Mandarin, Cardamom and Other Pure Essential Oils.

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