Summer Liberation!

Each May my friend Linda and I would sit down and make lists of what we wanted to do that summer. 1) This summer I will go to the beach more. 2) This summer LindaMarie will invite all the neighborhood kids over for an all-day painting party. And on and on we would go. Something within us wanted to recreate the magical summers we both had as children, and so every year we would say, "This will be the summer!" But this summer never seemed to arrive. And before we knew it, it would be October, and we'd be saying, "This winter I will volunteer in a soup kitchen!"

Today I was talking to my friend Patti about my Summer Resolutions when she said, "No! Summer is about Liberation - Not Resolutions!" Liberation? Okay. "This summer I will become Liberated!?"

The word "liberation" stirred up all kinds of memories within me - the first being taking that last step off the school bus in June, knowing the whole summer loomed before me. All possibilities for adventure were mine, and it never occurred to me to list them. They just unfolded one after another.

Perhaps that is why summers never seem to be as satisfying as an adult. It's difficult to get that "last-step-off-the-school-bus" feeling when people are depending on you to work or prepare meals or drive them to the mall. So I started thinking about how I could create moments for myself not only this summer, but every day, when I could feel that sense of refreshment, that sense of transition, like taking my last step off the bus.

For some, this transition might occur daily when you're changing your clothes after you've come home from work. For others, it may be in taking the time to be outdoors at the end of your work day. The liberation comes from freeing yourself from one action and moving towards the next. As we move into a new season, I hope you allow yourself to consciously feel the transition and welcome what lies ahead, be it roasting marshmallows with your children or doing the tango in Cortina.

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