Midsummer 2011 - Louise's Gallery

Dear Friends

Many of you will recognize the artwork on the front of this catalog — a mélange of some of our favorite covers from the days when Chinaberry and Louise Popoff worked together to give you original art on every catalog. We’re celebrating Chinaberry’s 29th birthday by making prints of Louise’s exquisitely detailed covers available on (keyword: Louise’s Gallery). Just seeing this collection of artwork after so many years reminded me of how each and every one of us is who we are because of where we’ve been and what we’ve experienced. On a personal level, I roll my eyes when friends give me grief about what a rule-follower I am, but then, they didn’t attend an extremely strict school for 11 years! And although it was no fun at the time, my husband and I were pretty darn poor when the kids were little — a situation demanding resourcefulness which I value and use to this day. That whiplash I got 30 years ago? The result is that over time, I’ve lost most of my sense of taste and smell, but this actually comes in handy sometimes when I just throw a meal together for myself or walk into the kennels first thing in the morning at the dog shelter where I volunteer. Chinaberry, too, is what it is because of where we’ve been. From the beginning we’ve wanted to offer books and items that would inspire and encourage your families to leave the world a little better off than it would have been without them, and our reputation says we have been true to our mission. We know how we, ourselves, want to be treated as customers, and we take pride in sharing what we learn about each product and then giving you respectful and gracious service. Chinaberry’s roots run deep and we’ve never forgotten where we’ve been or where we’re going. Those of you who remember Louise’s covers will smile while walking down memory lane when you revisit her artwork on our website. And those of you new to it will also understand how these covers are part of what has made Chinaberry Chinaberry.

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