Midsummer 2008

Dear Friends

Have you ever noticed that when you are open to anything, good things seem to follow? For instance, if you wake up one day and decide not to put any plan in motion, not to have any preconceived notions of how the day will go, not to set anything in stone and just see what unfolds, you might be pleasantly surprised at what follows. I keep finding that this is true and I'm not just talking about planning my day.

I believe that the universe gives us gifts when we are ready to receive them. If we go through life so booked up, so busy, so focused on our "need-to-dos" that we can't just relax and accept what life brings, then we are never really open to receive anything.

Several of us attend trade shows to look for new products for the catalog. When we start walking the aisles of the show, we are open, willing and ready to talk to anyone who wants to talk to us. In the past, there were many times that we walked right by certain booths, with a dismissive 'that isn't our market' attitude based on a momentary look. Now we don't do that. If someone cares enough about their product to actually come out and speak to us about it, we are ready to listen. We have discovered so many wonderful things that we never would have found with just a walk by and casual glance. Yes, we don't cover as many aisles as we used to, but I believe that the treasures we do find are things that we are supposed to discover.

On the flip side, I have a friend who has such a preconceived notion of what life should be bringing her that she can't even begin to relax enough to look around and see other possibilities. She is set on having her life unfold in a certain way, and it is heartbreaking to see all the opportunities she is passing up because they don't fit her "vision." I so badly want to tell her that her life is going to be nothing but a series of one disappointment after another if she can't open up, be flexible, and just let life flow.

As you go through these coming months, I hope that you can occasionally let a summer's day simply unfold and see where it takes you -- experience what the universe sends your way for a day or a week or a lifetime. Don't be so rigid; don't be so preset in your dreams. Sometimes just let life wash over you like the ebb and flow of the tide and take the gifts being offered to you.

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