Spring 2008

Dear Friends

Our society is infamous for judging a book by its cover. Most of us tend to make snap judgments based on how something first looks, without ever taking the time to peel back the layers and really get to know something or someone. And because of that, many, many times we miss something very special.

A perfect example of this is the fact that animal shelters euthanize big (over 50 lbs.) black dogs more than any other color or type. There is even a name for it -- BBD Syndrome -- Big Black Dog Syndrome. There are many reasons given for this fact: people find these dogs menacing and intimidating; people think black dogs are evil; people can't see these dogs' facial features so they are afraid; the dogs blend into their cages and therefore are easily overlooked at shelters, and on and on.

A dog's color has absolutely no bearing on what type of dog he or she will be. A dog can no more help his fur color than a person can help his skin color. When adopting a dog, people should match their own lifestyle with a dog's temperament, not color. A black dog can be just as laid back and sweet as lighter colored ones.

Our big black dog is one of the biggest pleasures of our lives. Our yellow pups give us a run for our money on a daily basis, but our black dog, Sunny, has never been anything but pure love, joy, and obedience. He is a wonderful dog, but he wouldn't last one day in a shelter because he is now old and black.

Join me this spring in trying to break this cycle. If you are thinking of adopting a dog, please don't pass up the big, black dogs because of their fur color. If you aren't in a position to add to your pet population, volunteer at your local shelter and take the big, black dogs out for walks, fresh air, and a little play time. If you would like more information on big, black dogs, visit and learn other ways you can help. This site also has links to a few pearls that you might fall in love with! Every dog deserves to love and be loved and a chance to be a great dog -- even black ones!

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