From our archives -- Embracing the Wonder of Children

Dear Friends

I have a truly curious three-year-old — the kind of curious child who asks 'why' all day long. Her newest phase is, "Mom, can you tell me all about _______?" Take today, for example. While we were eating yogurt at breakfast, she asked how it was made. As we pulled into the gas station, she asked me to tell her all about gasoline. And when we were cooking and she poured our pasta into the boiling water, she asked if pasta was grown or if it came from an animal. I love it. Sure, sometimes I find myself wanting to find the simplest answer possible as I attempt to juggle her questions with the things that need to be done. Other times I realize how little I actually know and have to admit that I don't really know how oil becomes gasoline. But I do love explaining where our food originates, how it is processed or not processed in order for us to eat it, and how it makes it to our table. I find it such an honor that she is humble in her lack of knowledge and curious enough to always ask questions. Her curiosity is such a gift to me.

The holiday season is a beautiful time to embrace curiosity and wonder. Some families are bursting at the seams with traditions and old stories, while others are just beginning to create new traditions. Either way, it is a ripe environment for fostering a curious spirit. It is a privilege to get to play in the world of wonder and excitement. If we let ourselves play, I believe the enchantment and investigative spirit of our children's lives can be ours too. We can experience the holidays through a lens that is a bit more glimmering and alive. We always have two options: to engage the wonder of a child that resides in us or to silence it. I hope this holiday season you can wonder, imagine, and dream alongside your child.


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