Choosing items for Isabella and then describing them to you is no small undertaking and has grown to include many more people than the two women who originally started the company. Those of us who write the product descriptions read every book, listen to every CD, wear every piece of jewelry and clothing, use the body care products, and live with the items in our homes and gardens. We offer only those products that have enriched our lives, so what you read in our annotations is our own personal experience of each item, written from our hearts. Below are the dedicated staff who are so intimately involved with the selection of our products and whose words grace our catalog and web site.

One of the original founders, Ann is the heart and soul of Isabella and is just as intimately involved now as she was at the beginning. One of her greatest joys is finding products that nurture the bodies, hearts, minds, and souls of our customers.

Janet has been a part of Isabella since its first mailing in 1995. Together with Ann and Robin, she travels extensively looking for items that support her passion for healthful, sustainable, and joyful living. As a licensed esthetician, she is always on the lookout for the best of the best in holistic body and skin care.

Lucinda is passionate about nature, creativity, and spirituality, and loves sharing these pursuits with others. Reading and choosing books and products for Isabella is one way she helps inspire others. She is also a writer, spiritual director/celebrant, and home funeral guide, helping families and communities honor life's thresholds in meaningful ways.

Most days, Sheila can be found in the garden, where she finds a sense of peace. She loves seeing plants thrive and feels privileged to be part of the process, much like the pleasure she has in choosing books and products for Isabella, hoping that they provide sustenance to others.

Heather is a fan of second chances. And thirds. She enjoys reading books from back to front if only to rebel, and thinks spirituality is smack-dab in the middle of our everyday lives. Maybe that's why she finds picking out books, audios and products for Isabella so insanely cool.

Robin has been with Isabella since its creation in 1994. She has brought her love of animals to the catalog in the Creatures Great and Small section and is always on the lookout for new and interesting products, as well as great books.

Tina, an ardent advocate of "living-green," is always looking for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Along with trying out different products and reading books for Isabella, she takes great joy in just spending time outdoors and delights in the peaceful serenity of her own back yard.

Julie has been with Isabella since 1997. Having developed her artistic and creative side since childhood, she loves sharing beautiful things in the catalog.  She finds that the perfect way to de-stress is taking time to snuggle with her two boys.

Who let a guy write for the Isabella catalog? Kevin is coming to terms with the fact that the overriding pattern of his life is his uncontrollable need to live and work in the company of talented, intelligent, powerful women. A true believer in the necessity of bumbling awkwardly into redemption, he derives a strange, almost drug-like euphoria in the sometimes awkward, yet always inspiring process of crafting annotations for this divinely feminine catalog.

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