We are delighted you chose to visit Isabella, our online catalog offering “Gifts for Reawakening the Spirit.” Knowing that each person’s journey is unique, we have filled Isabella with items that we believe will enrich your life.

Isabella was started in 1995 by two friends, Ann Ruethling and Patti Pitcher, women who were firmly committed to their own spiritual journeys. As they grew older, Ann and Patti were drawn to explore a path that encourages their wholeness as women. Over time, Isabella has evolved from a collection that offered inspirations from many different spiritual traditions to an eclectic collection of items that, in one way or another, may offer an opportunity to see the beauty in ourselves, in others, and around us; to slow down and re-connect with that which matters; and perhaps to bring a smile and appreciation for the simple things in life.

Ann and her colleagues are intimately involved in the selection of every item offered in the Isabella catalog and on the Isabella website. It’s no exaggeration to say that for every one item you find in Isabella, we’ve considered a hundred others. We feel that what you find here is the best of the best, and each is chosen with the hope that it will enrich our customers’ lives and not be just one more material thing to want, buy, and soon discard. We look for items that are rich in symbolism and that nourish our relationship with the earth, ourselves, and with Spirit. Our hope is that our online catalog brings you joy and inspires you on your journey. Welcome.

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