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Isabella Catalog's Summer Jewelry

Whether it's summer or not, Isabella's collection of pretty summer jewelry will put a 'spring' in your step. In colors of the sky, sand, and ocean in turquoise, silver, sea glass and more our jewelry will add a kiss of warmth from the sun whenever you wear them. Fair trade and designer jewelry grace this selection of summery jewelry.

Isabella Collections: Summer Fun Jewelry

Beaded Trifecta Bracelet: Made by Nepalese women, this Beaded Trifecta Bracelet displays a stunning variety of glass seed beads.
Beaded Trifecta Bracelet
Our price $57.00
Beads for Learning: Help support education in Kenya and Maasai women artisans when you buy this colorful Zulugrass bead bracelet.
Beads for Learning
Our price $12.95
Blue Lagoon Earrings: Pacific opal, cubic zirconia, and 14K gold electroplate make these Blue Lagoon Earrings entrancing.
Blue Lagoon Earrings
Our price $75.00
Cape Elizabeth Sand Dollar Necklace: Wear a symbol of peace and celebrate summer with this Cape Elizabeth Sand Dollar Necklace.
Cape Elizabeth Sand Dollar Necklace
Our price $34.95
Copper Canyon Wrap Bracelet: Made by fair trade workers in Thailand, our Copper Canyon Wrap Bracelet features soft apricot and muted green beads and crystals.
Copper Canyon Wrap Bracelet
Our price $14.99
Crimson Canyon Wrap Bracelet: Fair trade workers in Thailand use a small loom to weave the semi-precious stones, crystals and brass beads onto this Crimson Canyon Wrap Bracelet.
Crimson Canyon Wrap Bracelet
Our price $14.99
Daisy Cork Necklace: Our Denim Daisy Cork Necklace is made of cork, a sustainable material.
Daisy Cork Necklace
Our price $19.95
Dancing Star Pendant: Suspended from a green satin cord, this gorgeous sterling silver sea star is the perfect accoutrement for a sunny summer day.
Dancing Star Pendant
Our price $34.95
Deco Cuff: This beautiful stretch bracelet is studded with resin stones in a dreamy seafoam green color.
Deco Cuff
Regularly $14.95
Sale price $9.97
Earth Bracelet - Day: This lovely multi-stranded, daytime-sky themed version of our beloved Earth Bracelet is a creation story for your wrist.
Earth Bracelet - Day
Our price $38.00
Earth Bracelet - Night: A creation story in bracelet form, this multi-stranded bracelet features the dark and dusky shades of a moonless night sky.
Earth Bracelet - Night
Our price $38.00
Eddy Cuff: Freshwater pearls are intricately entwined on eight strands of memory wire wrapped with cotton and silk cording to make this Eddy Cuff bracelet.
Eddy Cuff
Regularly $39.95
Sale price $24.97
Eternal Flame Necklace - Gold: Your purchase of this gold Eternal Flame Necklace helps support women and children who have been rescued from human trafficking.
Eternal Flame Necklace - Gold
Our price $55.00
Fleur Earrings: The elegant line of the elongated sterling ear wires perfectly showcases the delicate form of the star-like petals on these Fleur Earrings.
Fleur Earrings
Our price $53.00
Flip Flop Trinket Dish: Use this polished metal Flip Flop Trinket Dish to hold your keys, jewelry, or even a bar of soap.
Flip Flop Trinket Dish
Our price $14.95
Flora Earrings: These filigree earrings are light as a feather and flattering for every face.
Flora Earrings
Our price $15.95
Flower Power Cuff Bracelet: The Flower Power Cuff Bracelet is studded with sparkling rhinestone-sparkling flowers that gives it the name Flower Power!
Flower Power Cuff Bracelet
Regularly $24.95
Sale price $14.97
Friends in Sunshine and Shade Necklace: The Friends in Sunshine and Shade Necklace features 2 charms with the words friends and together stamped in Morse code.
Friends in Sunshine and Shade Necklace
Our price $74.00
Island Getaway Earrings: These resin Island Getaway Earrings are reminiscent of shimmering sea glass.
Island Getaway Earrings
Our price $19.95
Island Getaway Necklace: Reminiscent of sea glass, the pieces on this Island Getaway Necklace are actually made of durable resin.
Island Getaway Necklace
Our price $60.00
Just Keep Swimming Bracelet - New: Let our Just Keep Swimming Bracelet be a reminder to never give up.
Just Keep Swimming Bracelet - New
Our price $39.95
Moonstone Bay Bracelet: This elegant Moonstone Bay Bracelet rolls on to fit most wrists.
Moonstone Bay Bracelet
Our price $58.00
Moonstone Bay Necklace: Elegant and feminine, our Moonstone Bay Necklace gives off an almost ethereal glow.
Moonstone Bay Necklace
Our price $115.00
Moroccan Nights Earrings: These Moroccan Nights Earrings will add a dramatic touch to your day.
Moroccan Nights Earrings
Our price $14.95
Moss Canyon Wrap Bracelet: Wear our Moss Canyon Wrap Bracelet and know you are making the lives of the Thai workers who make them that much better.
Moss Canyon Wrap Bracelet
Our price $14.99
Nautilus Pendant: The deep symbolism in this Nautilus Pendant makes it perfect for anyone committed to personal growth and renewal.
Nautilus Pendant
Our price $39.95
Newport Beach Bracelet - Lime Jade: Liven up any outfit with this cheery Lime Jade Newport Beach Bracelet.
Newport Beach Bracelet - Lime Jade
Regularly $58.00
Sale price $44.97
Newport Beach Bracelet - Orange Jade: Add a pop of color to your outfit with this Orange Jade Newport Beach Bracelet.
Newport Beach Bracelet - Orange Jade
Regularly $58.00
Sale price $44.97
Newport Beach Bracelet - Yellow Jade: The Yellow Jade Newport Beach Bracelet will add a gorgeous pop of color to whatever you're wearing.
Newport Beach Bracelet - Yellow Jade
Regularly $58.00
Sale price $44.97
Putting on the Ritz Bracelet: If you're feeling fancy, put on this glittery Putting on the Ritz bracelet for added sparkle.
Putting on the Ritz Bracelet
Our price $29.95
Rain Chain Necklace: Celebrate life-giving rain with this lovely Rain Chain Necklace.
Rain Chain Necklace
Our price $24.95
Rendezvous Stretch Bracelet: The Rendezvous Stretch Bracelet features strands of sparkling faceted beads, semi-precious tiger eye, and seed beads mingled amongst gold-plate chains.
Rendezvous Stretch Bracelet
Regularly $24.95
Sale price $11.97
Rock the Boat Necklace: Let this Rock the Boat Necklace remind you that sometimes you'll make waves simply by being yourself.
Rock the Boat Necklace
Our price $44.00
Royal Ruby Necklace: Surround yourself in the love and good cheer of the women who make our Royal Ruby Necklace one bead at a time.
Royal Ruby Necklace
Our price $54.95
Saint Vintage Earrings - Vintage Crystal and Brass: These Vintage Crystal and Brass Saint Vintage Earrings will add some sparkle to your outfits, and money from their sales goes to cancer charities.
Saint Vintage Earrings - Vintage Crystal and Brass
Our price $50.00
Save Our Bees Keychain - Aqua: Make a difference in the dire situation of bees when you purchase this Save our Bees Keychain.
Save Our Bees Keychain - Aqua
Our price $9.95
Save Our Bees Keychain - Orange: Your purchase of Save Our Bees Keychain can help make a difference in protecting honey bees.
Save Our Bees Keychain - Orange
Our price $9.95
Save Our Bees Keychain - Yellow: While the honey bee situation is bleak, buying a Save Our Bees Keychain can help make a small difference.
Save Our Bees Keychain - Yellow
Our price $9.95
Seafoam Chalcedony Necklace: This Seafoam Chalcedony Necklace features an antiqued brass chain and a chalcedony stone pendant.
Seafoam Chalcedony Necklace
Regularly $59.95
Sale price $39.97
Sea Glass Necklace: This stunning Sea Glass Necklace features three strands of bluish-green faceted crystal beads.
Sea Glass Necklace
Our price $27.95
Seashell Pink Drop Earrings: Lightweight and lovely, these Seashell Pink Drop Earrings hang from French hooks.
Seashell Pink Drop Earrings
Regularly $27.95
Sale price $16.97
Simply Beautiful Necklace: One stunning gray pearl and multiple strands of subtly glowing brass seed beads fuse seamlessly in this Simply Beautiful Necklace.
Simply Beautiful Necklace
Our price $39.95
Southwest Sunset Beaded Cuff Bracelet: The colors in this Southwest Sunset Beaded Cuff Bracelet are simply gorgeous.
Southwest Sunset Beaded Cuff Bracelet
Regularly $17.95
Sale price $9.97
Summer in the Hamptons Bracelet - Milky Quartz: Featuring milky quartz beads with a sterling accent bead, this Summer in the Hamptons Bracelet is the essence of elegance and style.
Summer in the Hamptons Bracelet - Milky Quartz
Our price $58.00
Summer in the Hamptons Bracelet - White Agate: With a lone sterling accent bead amidst the strand of white agate stones, the Summer in the Hamptons Bracelet feels like the essence of an elegant summer's day.
Summer in the Hamptons Bracelet - White Agate
Our price $58.00
Summer in the Hamptons Bracelet - White Onyx: This stretchy Summer in the Hamptons Bracelet features a sterling accent bead amongst the strand of white onyx beads.
Summer in the Hamptons Bracelet - White Onyx
Our price $58.00
Summer's Bracelet: Featuring flowers with faux diamond centers, this stretchy Summer's Bracelet captures the glitter of the summer sun.
Summer's Bracelet
Our price $14.95
Turquoise Canyon Wrap Bracelet: Wear a slice of heaven on your wrist with our fair trade Turquoise Canyon Wrap Bracelet.
Turquoise Canyon Wrap Bracelet
Our price $14.99
Turquoise Treasures Necklace: Hand-crafted by a women's group in Thailand, this Turquoise Treasures Necklace is a colorful mix of natural stones.
Turquoise Treasures Necklace
Our price $34.95
Vaci Bracelet: This Vaci bracelet features brilliant faceted Czech glass beads woven between two strands of brown waxed linen.
Vaci Bracelet
Regularly $29.95
Sale price $24.97

Isabella Collections: Summer Fun Jewelry

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