Candles, Candle Holders, and Lighting

Inspiring Candles and Candle Holders from Isabella

Light a candle in the darkness with our selection of natural, chemical-free candles, beautiful candle holders, and other items to light up your life.

Living: Indoors & Out : Candles & Lighting

Salt Glow Candle Holder: Put a tea light candle in this Salt Glow Candle Holder and add a radiant warmth to any room.
Salt Glow Candle Holder
Our price $12.95
Soy Tea Light Candles - Set of 16: Use these pure soy tea light candles for a clean, clear light.
Soy Tea Light Candles - Set of 16
Our price $14.95
Beeswax Tea Lights - Set of 6: Beeswax is a natural choice for health and harmony. Each of these 100% pure beeswax tea lights burns with a pure, clear light for at least four hours.
Beeswax Tea Lights - Set of 6
Our price $7.95

Living: Indoors & Out: Candles & Lighting

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